A Family Caring for Mom with Cancer


President Nixon Warns Against The Media Elitist Complex - 1983

Former KGB Agent, Yuri Bezmenov, Warns America About Socialist Subversion - All Interviews and Lectures with Thomas Schuman - 1984

BBC issues another apology for reporting unverified claim about Israel | Dan Abrams Live - January 12, 2024

The THREE questions the BBC NEVER asks the Palestinians - November 21, 2023

Wealthy Marxist couple funds anti-Israel rage: Report - paid by China - November 18, 2023

This is How Hamas Lies to the World

How Hamas is Losing Control of Gaza | Our Middle East: An Insider's View

BBC apologizes for inflammatory IDF accusations

Shame on CNN, Caught Distorting Reporting of Weapons Cache Underneath Hospital

How the Largest Genocide Was Able to Happen - November 2023

Shameful reporting by CNN. Listen to the narrator's description. Every adjective is derogatory towards Israel. The narrator says they found a few rusty guns. In the original video provided by the IDF, they show a full weapons cache with RPGs. CNN deliberately leaves the weapons cache out of their report. Original videos follow.

See what CNN reporter saw inside hospital basement in Gaza

EXCLUSIVE: Inside Hamas Terrorist Tunnel Under Rantisi Hospital in Gaza

The Last Line of Defense By Bari Weiss

Hamas War on Israel

Andy Ngo is an independent journalist

The Media Are Trying to GASLIGHT Us

What were photojournalists from Gaza doing on October 7? | HonestReporting's Gil Hoffman

Hamas’ Secret Weapon

Douglas Murray: Main Driver Of Antisemitism In West From Importation Of Muslims

Attachment A Is a Roadmap to Hamas Enablers in the US — Is the FBI Paying Attention?
The Hamas Network in America: A Short history

AP - Associated Press shameful, twisted reporting. The one person they let speak is a Jihadist. The IDF has to defend this road to keep Hamas from blockading it.

Caravan of Palestinian evacuees walk south within Gaza to try to escape war

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