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Israel Defense Force

Israel-Hamas War: Absolute Victory Netanyahu announces goal after deadly attack - 24 soldiers killed, hostages being sexually abused - January 24, 2024

Israeli Women Battle Terrorists and Save Community - November 26,2023

Grandson of Nazi Showing Support for IDF Soldiers - November 22,2023

November 15, 2023 First On The Ground, Saving Hostages & The Horrors - Exclusive Elite Special Forces Interview Israel

IDF: We are working with Gaza's hospital staff to provide safe passage southward from Shifa Hospital

IDF evacuates Gaza hospital and eliminates Hamas infrastructure underneath

IDF kills Hamas commander Ahmed Siam, who held 1,000 Gazans, patients hostage

IDF Soldiers Give Gazan Civilians Water After Hamas Refused

Senior Israeli officer speaks with Shifa Hospital manager

IDF troops find explosive devices inside a Gazan kindergarten while operating in northern Gaza

The Hard Reality On The Ground - Israeli Paratrooper Master Sergeant Doron Keidar Interview

October 7, 2023 Brave British-Israeli soldier throws seven grenades back at Hamas terrorists

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